«Veresk» country estate

Vyborg is an ancient city that has always attracted people with its wonderful history as on a rather small territory it somehow combines three absolutely different cultures – Swedish, Finnish and Russian! This variety of cultures is a UNIQUE trait of this city and it drives both Russian and international visitors to come here in any time of the year. Vereskovaya_usadba_1937_-2
 Ethno-Cultural organization “Veresk” is one the main organizations that help to preserve and develop Russian and Finnish cultures in Vyborg. By means of different cultural events, festivals, educational classes and programs “Veresk” delivers ancient customs, traditions and other cultural heritage of these northern lands to the citizens, tourists and all those who are willing to get to know about them.

In 2009 Ethno-Cultural organization “Veresk” has completed a very important project on the restoration of the “Veresk” country estate.
“Veresk” country estate is a typical Finnish house of the late19th-early 20th century. It has survived Finnish and II World War. It has been first restored in 1970s and housed Lenin museum. In September, 2010 Estate was opened after the restoration as “House of Arts “Veresk” under the management of Ethno-Cultural organization “Veresk”. The opening ceremony was visited by Kyosti Penttinen (PhD, Associate Professor from Technical University, Tampere,  Finland) who lived in this estate in 1930s. “For me it is a very remarkable trip. I left this house in 1944 and unfortunately this is my first time in this house since then. I was born here…Our family used to organize Musical Evenings here. There was a piano in the living room and our mom used to play it. I am very happy that this house will continue on contributing to the cultural traditions of this city”, - Kyosti Penttinen said.

Right near the main Estate another building was constructed – so called “Handicraft house”, which houses handicraft workroom.
Now everyone who wants to visit is interested in Russian culture, traditions and customs, or those who would like to get to know more about Finnish period in Vybord history are welcome to visit “Veresk” country estate! You will find yourself in a cozy and charming atmosphere of an old house, will taste real Russian food and will take part in traditional Russian games and performances organized by our team!  
Currently we have various programs that are being organized in “Veresk” country estate. Among them are:

“Russian Evenings» - fwinterully dedicated to the Russian culture this program includes:

- Real outdoor merrymaking with theater of old Russian songs, dances based on old Russian customs and traditions.
- You will experience an unforgetable journey into the Russian ancientry and will become a part of the exciting performance yourself.

Program «Sellanen ol’Viipuri» - has been worked out as a sign of respect to the Finnish past of these lands.
You will learn about history of the “Veresk” country Estate and then will become a pert of the program dedicated to the Finnish period of Vyborg.
After that you will have tea with Karelian pies.
Whatever program you choose, we guarantee that you visit to the “Veresk” country Estate will be full of fun and excitement.

You can fing more of our PROGRAMS HERE!