Folklore Ensemble «VERESK» (Vyborg, Russia)

Folklore ensemble “VERESK” (Vyborg, Russia) is a band, performing in syncretic genre which enables singing, instrumental music and choreography blend into one unique theatrical stage performance!
Concerts of “VERESK” is a theater of the national folk song. The band manages to combine artistically created traditional rural scenes, instrumental music, spiritual singing and playful quadrille; Russian folk polyphony - and modern folk-rock!
Wherever might a concert of “VERESK” take place -???  in their native town Vyborg or in any other location all around the world – you will always witness an atmosphere of ease, positive energy and joy!
Many thematic concert programs have been produced over the years. Team has been working really hard searching constantly for the ways of the new interpretation of the collected folklore material, at the same time trying to preserve features of the original ethnographic style.
Members of the ensemble have got a great experience in design, implementation and support of all kings of festivals, celebrations, parties for children, exhibitions, presentations, seminars etc.
Folklore ensemble “VERESK” is a professional band, the winner of the variety international contests, a participant of different international festivals, Days of Russian Culture, international fairs in the USA, France, Norway, Canada, Africa, Italy, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.
We are always interested in all sorts of art projects, in extending our intercultural connections with other regions, countries and organizations. If you are willing to invite us to your festival, celebration, cultural event or any other occasion (in Russia or abroad) – please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to perform for You and Your guests!
All members of the band have valid European Shengen visas at their disposal.