We wish for you a holiday
That's better than your dreams!
Filled with fun, and joy, and laughter
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«Veresk-ArT-Studio»  – is a company with more than 29 year experience on the very demanding market of the GREAT mood. That is hundreds of events – weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, small parties and birthdays full of unforgettable fun!

We specialize on organization of all sorts of events in Russian national style.


Veresk country estate” - A new place to visit in Vyborg!

Ethno-cultural organization “VERESK” is a budget organization based which was formed in In 2009 “Veresk” has completed a very important project on the restoration of the “Veresk” country estate which is a typical Finnish house of the late 19th-early 20th century. It has survived Finnish and II World War.

Now the Estate may house all sorts of festive events, celebrations, parties and other activities for groups up to 40 people.

1. Theatrical events based on the russian national holidays 1

Each program includes:

  •        Theatrical performance of Your choice (see below):
  •        Tea with pastry

1.1.           For the all ages: concert program  of the folklore ensemble “Veresk” – a professional band, prize-winner of the International festivals in Poland, Finland, Sweeden, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Sicily, Senegal, Tunisia, Canada and USA.

Theatrical program is a 40-minute thematic stylized performance, involving colorful costumes and theatrical requisites.


1.2.           Program with games for the kids and adults involving heroes of the Russian fairytales and colorful costumes.

2. Visiting “Veresk” country estate with a tour    

2 .1.  Visit to the “Veresk” Estate + concert program “Russian Folklore nights”

A program includes:

  • Little tour around the estate and a story about its history
  • Interactive-concert program based on the Russian national customs and traditions of different regions of Russia
  •  Merrymaking in the national Russian style, including national songs, created by our artists plus games and dances, based on the national Russian traditions.
  • Tea with national Russian pastry (pancakes or other).


2.2. Visit to the Estate + concert program «Sellanen ol’Viipuri – Vyborg city – Finnish period», dedicated to the Finnish past of these lands.

A program includes:

  • A journey into the Finnish past of the Estate and Vyborg – viewing old photos, visiting recreated Finnish room on the Estate
  • Interactive-concert program «Songs and dances of Viipuri (Vyborg) – Finnish period»
  • Tea with national Finnish pie “pirakkaa”

3. Master – classes for the tourists:
on the territory of the
zvezdochka“Veresk” country Estate a special Craftsmen House welcomes everyone who is willing to try him- or herself in the national Russian crafts. Our professional craftsmen will teach you some basic tricks in the crafts technique. And of course everyone will be able to take their handmade souvenirs home to remind them about their new skills!